Holding your head high

An administrator friend used to often tell me, when I got my doctorate and people made snide comments about it, “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”.

This week, I read something even more relevant and timely for me.  I don’t know the source, it was on a Pinterest post: “Talking with quiet confidence will always beat screaming with obvious insecurity.”

Here’s to quiet confidence.  May I hold my head up high this week and lead my school confidently and well.

Social Media Nastiness

I’ve officially been dragged through the mud on social media this week. I know I shouldn’t have read them, I’m not “connected” to those parents on this media site, but a co-worker printed out the comments made by some parents in my school that were just plain nasty and I read them.  They are not even close to the truth.  I read page after page of replies, surprised at some of the parents who contributed. Most were parents who I had taken a lot of time to try to solve their problems or discipline their child.  A few were even spouses of our staff.

The thing is, I can’t fight back.  Nothing I can do will erase those nasty hateful comments.  Do people believe them?  Do they know the person posting is really off the charts?  That she screams obscene, racist, elitist remarks into my ear when I call her? Have I lost the trust of our community after working so hard for years to build relationships?

Central office, I’ve been told, have reviewed my report and are impressed with how I handled the situation.  It still stings.

It is frustrating to have our names dragged through the mud when we are working so hard.  This is really just a vent, I suppose.  I will go to work next week with the same smile on my face that’s always there to greet the parents each morning.  I will work hard to keep every child safe and learning.  I will keep organizing that bear of a state test with what feels like a mountain of testing accommodation settings.

Most of all, I will work for the best of our parents, and try hard not to spread the nastiness that a few put out there this week.  Love always wins.  Right?