Scary Principal

I sat in our 4 year old Preschool classroom the other day, visiting and chatting with the students.  A little girl came up to me and said, “Do you know my brother, Seth?” (name changed for the blog).  She told me all about how he was hit in the head by a ROCK on the playground, and that the boy who hit him had to go to the PRINCIPAL’S office.  I said, yes, that boy had to come and talk to me.  “YOU?”  she said, looking very surprised.  I said yes, when students make choices they shouldn’t make, they have to come and see me and face a consequence.   She pointed towards the office, asking, “Isn’t there someone scarier in there?”

My reputation preceeds me!  I feel sometimes like OZ from the movie, a mysterious entity that “you don’t want to have to talk to her”.