Women and Leadership

I’ve been a school leader for almost a decade.  During this time, I’m slowly becoming aware of a network that I naively didn’t realize existed.  Shoot, I was always at work until sundown, then too tired to go anywhere but home to my family.  I didn’t pay much attention to anyone else’s social life, and I made friends with people just because we liked each other, not work related at all.  Then I noticed that it appeared that the men I worked with knew things before I did. They’d heard it through their network.  The network is exclusively men who are local school leaders.  Its not a formal club, but they meet…in a restaurant, over for a football game, lunch, or happy hour.  Playing sports, like tennis or biking.  And they meet often.

Recently, instead of sitting back and complaining its a “mans world” or some other cliche to throw around, I decided to try to support the other women in this profession.  We tried, not very successfully, to meet for coffee or lunch or happy hour.  More often than not, it is cancelled because of a last minute work assignment or a family duty.  I think I need to keep trying.  This job needs all the support we can give each other.

Along the same kind of line,  today I heard our pastor talk about leadership in the church being exclusively for men.  I respect the Bible and its teachings, but when do we interpret in the cultural context of the time and adapt it to current US culture and when do we apply the doctrine literally?   Has our culture changed?  I thought so, but today I’m not so sure.

I’ve never been a bra burning angry feminist…but I’m frustrated today.


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