Welcome to 2nd in Command, the A.P. blog!

I am Jo, and this blog is written with the intent to share tips, strategies, and anecdotes to encourage and share with other school administrators.  I felt a distinct kind of isolation when I took the job as an  Assistant Principal.  Teachers had always been my colleagues, and my social circle consisted of Teachers.  I moved to a new school, and realized it can be lonely in the front office!  If you are an school administrator, you know what I mean, and its hard to find people in the same position that: a. You trust to tell them that you need help or are having a bad day, and b.  You aren’t in competition with for a promotion.   This is a place where you can come to share ideas, ask questions, brainstorm with me,  and hopefully receive encouragement.  The job isn’t easy, but its good.  A good kind of hard. Thanks for stopping by!


I just started this blog but hope to write at least twice a week to start.    For professional reasons, I will remain anonymous for now.  I’m simply Jo.


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